The lightbulb conspiracy

Why do the the products last less and less?
Batteries that spoil just 18 months after being purchased, printers that get blocked because of a chip after printing a certain number of times, lightbulbs designed to burn out hundreds of hour before the time they could last, research made only to reduce the lifetime of certain products...

«The lightbulb conspiracy» is one of the best documentaries available nowadays about Planned Obsolescence. It makes a journey from its origin to the present, at once it reveals its presence in our society.

It also aims to be a reflection tool and a divulgation document directed towards all audiences, offers real examples and gives alternatives by the hand of experts such as Serge Latouche, one of the greatest degrowth theorist.

(The documentary isn’t fully translated, most of the speech is in english but some interviews are in spanish or french. We’re sorry, but we didn’t find any better one).


  1. Precis det jag mistänkte, så många saker som inte håller alls, o inte är de billigare för det.

  2. Planned Obsolescence definitely should be CRIMINAL all across the world and the sooner the better! Until that happens, I withdraw from consuming and spending.