Law against Planned Obsolescence discussed on the french senate

Yesterday, April 23th, Jean-Vincent Placé senator and EELV president, presented to the french senate a law proposition against Planned Obsolescence. In his words «it is time to stop the frenetic use and throw race and to move in the line of proponing real alternatives for a durable technology and economic model». So, the discussion about planned obsolescence has arrived the senate and arouses the interest of french public scene.

The proposal has been well accepted by most of parliamentary groups, that have understood the economic and ecologic profit that means to increase the duration of products: less waste and an employment growth, especially in the reparation and maintenance fields.

The debate has finished with Bennoît Hamon’s intervention, who is the Consumption and social Economy minister. He has appeased the wish of some senators to end with all those «waste producers» (as Yves Détraigne, UDI1 senator, has said).

Hammon supports the proposed increment of product’s lifetime but without changing the established system or punishing producers’ and distributors’ abusive practices. He also notes that commercial margins might reduce because of an increment of warranty, that can also lead to higher prices.

Anyway, next may 2nd, Hamon presents the law proposition to the cabinet council.

1 Union of Independent Democrats (groupe Union des Démocrates et Indépendants).

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  1. Would this apply to any products imported and then sold within France, or only to products actually manufactured by French companies though?