Wear and tear is normal, but to throw away things when it still is worth to repair them shouldn’t be normal. Usually, the belief that new stuff is better or, in long term, cheaper than old stuff, isn’t true. In many cases, to repair is cheaper and easier than it seems, iFixit is a good proof of it.

iFixit is an open and collaborative project, that aims to provide the user reparation guides for all kinds of stuff (toasters, cars, computers, cameras, mobiles, washers...) Most of the tutorials are written, but some of them are also available in iFixit's youtube channel. iFixit web also has an online shop to help the user buying the needed pieces and tools for the reparation

But the most remarkable thing is that the content of the website is completely free. As it claims iFixit’s manifesto it is better to repair than to recycle, as it is a way to save money and help environment, while learning how do things work. Repair stuff is a consumer right and firms shouldn’t put any impediment to it.

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