Law against Planned Obsolescence discussed on the french senate

Yesterday, April 23th, Jean-Vincent Placé senator and EELV president, presented to the french senate a law proposition against Planned Obsolescence. In his words «it is time to stop the frenetic use and throw race and to move in the line of proponing real alternatives for a durable technology and economic model». So, the discussion about planned obsolescence has arrived the senate and arouses the interest of french public scene.

The proposal has been well accepted by most of parliamentary groups, that have understood the economic and ecologic profit that means to increase the duration of products: less waste and an employment growth, especially in the reparation and maintenance fields.



Wear and tear is normal, but to throw away things when it still is worth to repair them shouldn’t be normal. Usually, the belief that new stuff is better or, in long term, cheaper than old stuff, isn’t true. In many cases, to repair is cheaper and easier than it seems, iFixit is a good proof of it.

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Law project agaisnt Planned Obsolescence in the French senate

Last 24th of march, Jean-Vincent Placé, president of Europe Écologie Les Verts (EELV), submitted to Senate a new law proposition so as to protect more the consumer against Planned obsolescence. The proposal includes a wide range of actions, like increasing the legal warranty of products, ensuring the replacement parts supply or harmonizing the eco-contribution1 with the duration of the product.

The proposition is discussed nets 23th of April. If it is approved, french justice will consider Planned Obsolescence as a crime, punishable with up to 10 years of jail and fines that can amount to 37.500€.

In broad strokes, these are its 7 articles:


Look on... The bright side

-With this component made of a rare metal, the duration of the product will shift from 18 to 12 months...
-BRILLIANT! This can increase our sales a 33%!


The lightbulb conspiracy

Why do the the products last less and less?
Batteries that spoil just 18 months after being purchased, printers that get blocked because of a chip after printing a certain number of times, lightbulbs designed to burn out hundreds of hour before the time they could last, research made only to reduce the lifetime of certain products...